Drew Brees & Payton Manning Torn Plantar Fascia

Football fans, Drew Brees fans, Peyton Manning fans: Drew Brees tore his plantar fascia in December and Peyton manning tore his plantar fascia in November.

How bad is this injury? Depending on how they treat this and support their foot while they play (orthotics, taping, shoes, etc.) they could be back in 2 weeks or it could take 6-8 weeks. They basically did their own surgery. If conservative care fails for plantar fasciitis and a surgery is needed it would be to cut the plantar fascia to reduce tension on the plantar fascia.

They have basically done the same thing the surgery would do, so in the future this may reduce the risks of further symptoms of plantar fasciitis and heel pain. They will have to continue to wear their orthotics to take strain off of the plantar fascia and reduce the chance of the return of symptoms. There is hope! They should recover nicely from this injury. By the way, surgery is rarely necessary for this condition. 95% of patients get better with conservative care and do not need surgery.

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