Oprah loves podiatrist approved Vionic footwear

Oprah loves podiatrist approved Vionic footwear so much she was found wearing them on the May and the August cover of O Magazine.  At Family Foot Health Center www.drtgrace.com, Dr. Grace recommends the use of Vionic slippers and flip-flops to avoid walking barefoot at home.  This footwear has enough support in the arch to help support the arch and off-load pressure from the ball of the foot and the heel.  It is important to reduce or eliminate the trauma of barefoot walking when you have foot pain or are being treated for a foot condition.  This footwear is not a replacement for prescription orthotics but should be used to replace walking barefoot, in socks only, or to replace flat slippers and flip-flops.  To learn more or try on a pair contact us at 253-343-5361 or www.drtgrace.com

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